7th July 2011 3:22
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One Tomorrow. One the day after.

Then I’m free for the rest of the summer.

More LA trips and music projects? I think yaw

25th June 2011 19:35
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Wow I have strange fans. 

24th June 2011 2:43
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1st June 2011 16:00
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Hey I saw your preview cover of Different Sense and I thought it was pretty accurate. One quick question—how were you able to hear the guitar in that song well enough to cover it? Do you use a program or something to amplify certain parts of the song? Thank you


The best quality version is on Direngrey’s facebook. I recorded it with a program called “freecorder” and listened to it with headphones/speakers. Keep listening, try separating the tracks and eventually each part will get louder psychologically. Take a break, relisten to it. You will catch things you didn’t hear the first time. That’s how I do it. No programs.

27th May 2011 4:05
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Red Em cover (one take) for Kim Kim

23rd May 2011 22:51
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cho broseph-il

found ya doin some sick nasty diru covers on youtubes. from one musician to another mind if i shoot ya a few questions on the godly topic that is diru?

such as gear, sound, composition, or technique. ya know.

congrats on those finals haha. talk to ya later, gene.


Hmm, im not sure how I can answer some of these questions.. they’re broad - but I will try

Sound - I am really peculiar about my sound. I really like my distortion sound, I try to match it to Die’s sound as my default distortion. I really love his live tone. It’s very sharp and warm live.
My clean tone sucks. It lacks that warm and clarity cuz I use a Solid state amp. No matter how hard I’ve tried my clean tone can never come out the way I want it to, so maybe I may need to upgrade to a tube or try harder to produce a nice clean.
My modulations always differ from what I want from it. I think the Pod XT Live has a great variety to find sounds that you can always use.

Composition - Always depends on what sort of song I want to produce at that time. I’ve produced RnB style songs to Rock to Metal etc etc. So it depends what mood set I am in, how I am feeling, and I try to plan accordingly to how I want to project my mood.
There are certain phrases I feel have a lot of power behind it.
Let me take my latest work for an example: Narkissos

At this time, I was influenced a little by Orgy. So I took a more effect-driven song than usual. I used more track layers and used a 7 string as well.
As mentioned earlier - there are “powerful phrases”.
the phrase that starts at 0:17 is something I liked. It differs from the A section of the chorus with palm mutes added and drums changed to add more dynamic to the phrase. Simple changes like that can really bring out brilliance.
The synth like “screams” in the back also add a lot of emotion I think. It sounds really cool to me. I’m not sure what other people feel when they hear this song, but I was trying to portray a sense of agony, suffer, and despair.

disecting this phrase apart, How did I go about portraying it?
I take my influences and work with it. So despair and suffering - those two concepts. I think, what songs have ever made me feel this way or other people feel this way? So I think - ok this phrase, this tone, this chord, etc etc makes it sad.. I find what they have in common and try to work like that to make something that also portrays that sense.
This just scratches the surface, theres a lot of things that go into making a composition great.

Technique - Well my technique is not that great. I am still learning. A lot of techniques just take time to get down. It’s all in practice. One technique I have recently learned is incorporating finger picking in pick.. picking.
Justin teaches it here

Thanks, good luck.

16th May 2011 19:01
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Die Dream

Haha I had a dream about Die just now. No - it wasn’t some gay shit.

It was actually pretty practical. I woke up really inspired. He was playing a guitar phrase that sounded insanely awesome.

I think it’s time to make a new song this summer after Narkissos..

10th May 2011 19:24
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Big Bang - Stupid Liar Harmonics Lesson

So this post is mainly for asphyxiation on tumblr since he inquired about it yesterday.

Thanks for checking out the description before posting by the way, so you know the tuning already - D Ab D G B D

So it goes like this:

Phrase 1

D   ————————————————————9*————

Phrase 2
D   ——————————————————————————

then there’s a little phrase that “links” it back together which aren’t harmonics, but it’s on the high D string


And by the way, I start phrase 1 like this(its after the chorus):

D  —————————————————————————9*——

One last night, I tuned this specifically just so the harmonics on the 9th and 4th fret would play in tune, instead of it’s usual flat.
thats it!


3rd May 2011 14:20
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I record everything through this thing. PODXT Live

Pretty good floorboard, holds up to 32 channels with 4 stocks on each channel. Runs everything from modulation effects, delay, stomp boxes, amps, and as well as different assortments of wah. The only complaint is that switching from effect to effect has sort of a “cutting-off” transition, and is not smooth. also, I wish it had a loop station.

3rd May 2011 13:40
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This is Toshiya’s Bass model but in the Edwards brand.
I bought this used for about half price, so I thought it was a really good deal.
It’s unstrung right now, so I am unsure of how it will play.

2nd May 2011 16:15
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A really bad acoustic guitar. The brand is Suzuki.

It is not mine. It’s my friend’s that I’ve been borrowing just to practice acoustic style songs. There has not been a set up done for awhile so the string is far from the fretboard, making it really difficult to press down. I guess this is good finger strength training.

Plan to find a good acoustic for the future

2nd May 2011 13:40
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BC Rich NJ Warlock.
This was my second guitar I got when I was a little kid.
I swapped out just 1 pick up with an EMG-81 and disabled the neck pick up.
Pretty annoying to play standing and sitting, good for recording though.
Really heavy-metal tone.

1st May 2011 20:11
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ESP LTD Viper-407
I’ve always a 7 string ever since I started listening to bands like Orgy, Korn, MUCC, and Girugamesh, but never convinced myself to get it until recently.
Wasn’t sure whether to get the Ibanez RG7 series or the viper.
Found a pretty good deal on the viper, so I decided to get this instead. Kind of wish I got the Ibanez though -The Viper is pretty heavy in weight.

1st May 2011 20:03
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B.C. Rich NT Wave.
My main baby. Plays extremely solid, and so feels extremely smooth.

1st May 2011 15:34
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Youtube peeps

Okay, I’m having a little rough start on my day, so pardon me. Gonna rant for a little.

But why do people ask questions like:
"What is the tuning?"
"What album is that song on?"
"What guitar are you using?"

I already answer these questions in the description. It’s amazing how people spend more time typing in the question than just opening the “more info” box to get their answer. And why would you ask something like “What album is that song on?”. You’d rather wait an unknown amount of time for me to respond(which I won’t), instead of just typing in the song title in this wonderful invention called Google?

Use common sense. Please.

shiet son