22nd January 2014 3:52
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Will be putting out my cover for Diru’s “SUSTAIN THR UNTRUTH” tomorrow. Here’s a sneak peak. Had some fun today! #direngrey #sustaintheuntruth #chromehearts #espguitars #youtube #hak107 #genebtmc #espjapan

21st January 2014 12:13
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18th January 2014 2:55
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The best thing about my city. #sandiego #carneasadafries #mexicanfood #vallartas

3rd January 2014 0:43
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Was delicious from tip to balls. #penis #sushi #penisroll #salmon #sushiyaro

2nd January 2014 14:28
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Black on black diamond teeth 💀 #mic #micmoto #blackdiamonds #skullring #skulls #skull #micebisu

30th December 2013 12:21
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「Fifty Shades of Dir en Grey」

I always joked about this, now I can’t take it seriously anymore =(

26th December 2013 22:11
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Where did you get the rings and belt? They look so cool. I want one so bad:O

Chrome Hearts

24th December 2013 21:15
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「SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH」 |  Dir en grey

24th December 2013 2:23
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21st December 2013 12:18
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Mornings just got better
#stumptowncoffee #stumptown #coffee #goodarthlywd

19th December 2013 18:03
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Did you order anything on DEG's merchandise site?

No, I don’t really buy DIRENGREY merch anymore. Only albums, singles, and tixxx

19th December 2013 18:02
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Which Die do you prefer? The Die that had his long black hair on the "Different Sense" era? Or the current Die that had his old short red hair for "SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH" from the "Vulgar" era

Die’s awesome either way.

I am really diggin’ his style right now. Good change of pace

19th December 2013 16:27
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In Hollywood a couple weeks ago with #DIE from #DIRENGREY.
Happy 39th!
#tbt #losangeles #hollywood #chromehearts #la #houseofblues

19th December 2013 11:45
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The determination and the power

This reminds me of my cat, so I will reblog

18th December 2013 21:55
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❤❤❤❤❤❤ J
#goodart #goodarthlywd #chuhuahua