15th April 2014 11:28
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『IMMORTALIS』Blu-ray trailer

22nd March 2014 0:47
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How many skull t-shirts do you have?

like 10 lol. Is that sad?

5th March 2014 22:51
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26th February 2014 4:13
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Dir en grey guitars at ESP Crafthouse in Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō

薫: D-KV-7st
Die: D-DR-II


15th February 2014 19:42
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Beautiful day in my city..
#sandiego #chromehearts #mic #micebisu #ouret #オーレット

15th February 2014 16:41
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Wanting to do guitar tutorial for a Dir en grey song

Which song?

Sustain The Untruth?

14th February 2014 2:46
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Hey Gene, it's the same anonymous from before. I appreciate your answer and was wondering if I could follow up. Do you recommend using Pro Tools because it's the industry standard, and therefore you would be able to find at most recording studios? I read on a forum regarding Sonar X3 versus Pro Tools (which of course, caused a huge debate), but as a beginner it was difficult to truly tell the difference between the two. But industry standard aside, why recommend Reaper and not Sonar to start?

Any forum is going to give you the whole spiel on x is better than x.
It’s really up to the consumer to tell which is better.

I recommend Pro Tools because it is the industry standard, therefore you can use it in almost all studios and also makes it easier to collaborate with other artists.

I believe Reaper uses less resources, therefore less latency than Sonar. Meaning better seamless recording without lag or drop outs. Through my research, the most mentioned DAWs seemed to be Logic, Pro Tools, and Reaper. 

I’ve heard Logic is best for composing, and then cross platformed to Pro Tools for digital mastering and mixing. 

13th February 2014 20:22
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Hey Gene, I had a question about the Sonar X series program that I know you've used in the past (or may still use). Was it a difficult program to master, and would you consider it something worth investing in?

I did some research about DAW’s before I got a new mac recently. It was a time where I can start fresh and learn something new and possibly more mainstream. Pretty much, use whatever DAW that you want to.

As far as Sonar X goes, It’s a great DAW. I love it and it’s pretty easy to use. You’ll get used to all the shortcuts and the interface is beautiful. However, it is not the industry standard. If you are starting fresh, I highly suggest one of the following:

Pro Tools
Logic (MAC only)
Reaper (I’ve heard great things, and it’s only $60 for a full-on DAW.. great deal)

8th February 2014 3:19
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sukekiyo - aftermath live at countdown Japan 13/14

please do not repost outside tumblr, thanks^ ^

If you know Chinese, I can give you a link for downloading, just ask

(如果你會中文的話可以問我要一個下載鏈接^ ^)

It is a good live even if it is short….

Kyo’s voice is sooo off-tune.. what is he doing…

31st January 2014 22:23
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Jamberlin’s of 2014

31st January 2014 15:00
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Today’s music world is filled with some good feels, some great feels, and some utter nonsense.

So cutting through all the filler, I had found a phenomenal band that stays true to their element and style throughout the years…YET evolving. Sound familiar? Yes, my other favorite band, DIRENGREY, does the same exact thing. However, this band is ANBERLIN.

Firstly, it was so great to find a band that can express SO MANY feels. An eruption of feeling, a calm melancholy, a handful of power.. The whole spectrum of FEELS.

Secondly, I would have never guessed I would fall in love with this band. Their music is something I didn’t think I would have found myself listening to a lot- but it’s the type of music that makes me feel positive, and at the same time, stays true to my core. When I am finding inspiration, wanting to relax, driving in the car, whatever the situation may be. Anberlin is always playing. They have rang throughout my whole year, and will continue to.

Even though I had just discovered this band in 2013, barely even a year, I have found that this year is their final year. Their final album. Their final tour. Final hurrah. I am truly heartbroken. 

I have had the privilege to see Anberlin twice now. Once on their acoustic tour and on their most recent tour. They are amazing live. Stephen has an spot-on, clear voice. Their sound is astounding. Both times were extremely memorable…

I had the chance to meet and talk with Joey and Christian. Both very, very down to earth guys. 

SO! In all seriousness, thank you so much Anberlin for this amazing ride we’ve shared. It’s been less than a year, but your years as musicians and performers, they are timeless to me. I listen to my favorite song, “The Paperthin Hymn”, and don’t think - “WOW, this song is 7 years old!” Rather I think, the time is now. this song is NOW. 

Good luck to each and everyone of you. We all have families and loves to tender to. I respect your decision so much and support you for eternity. 

You have created a legacy and beautiful music to be had. Thank you so, so very, very much. I don’t say this with a light heart, you will be one of my favorite bands in my life time. 

To the most genuine band I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Anberlin, Thank you for the impact you have had in my life…

With so much heart and appreciation,

ps. don’t disappear forever now!

25th January 2014 23:54
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Delicious. #ktown #koreanbbq #kbbq #ookook #losangeles #la #kogi (at OO-KOOK Korean BBQ)

25th January 2014 15:32
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In memory of our late bunny, I got a beautiful rabbits foot made. Thanks to the people at Good Art Hlywd for making it possible. RIP.. to both of ya fur balls. 🐰 #rabbitsfoot #mojo #goodluck #goodarthlywd #goodart @goodarthlywd @rachelcleverley

24th January 2014 17:22
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Hair & Make-up Artist [MODEL] : Jun Matsumoto (tsuji management)

See more works on the official website [x]


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